BioProNeo B.V.


BioProNeo B.V. is a Dutch limited company, established in 2016 by entrepreneurs with different backgrounds but 1 common goal: Do well by doing good.

The management team, consisting of Edwin Spaans (clinical pharmacologist), Martin Gouw (registered pharmacist), Floris Jan van Brederode (IT specialist) and Mirena Nouwen (drug development professional), have joined forces to develop and distribute pharmaceuticals and/or nutraceuticals to support newborn care: driven by medical need, building on existing evidence.

With their complementary knowledge and worldwide networks, the management team is capable of finding innovative answers and solutions to almost any question in the fields of development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, food and/or food supplements to support newborn care.
The first actual product developed by BioProNeo B.V. is DexProNeo. DexProNeo is a 40% dextrose gel to treat newborns suffering from hypoglycaemia, without preservatives in 6 ml sterile easy dosable syringes. Advantages of DexProneo:

  • Ready to administer
  • Easy to use
  • Time & costs saving
  • Sterile
  • No preservatives
  • Latex-free
  • Safe: the syringe is for buccal dosing only as connection to IV-tubings is NOT possible

BioProNeo B.V. is continuously researching and developing new innovative pharma- and/or food products on request of and in cooperation with health professionals. For example, health specialists who have asked us to come up with solutions are:

  1. Neonatology department of Erasmus Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Universitätsklinikum Tübingen-Klinik für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin, Tübingen, Germany.

Please feel free to follow us on our road to “Do well by doing good” or send us a request if you are looking for a food solution for your newborn care problem.